Hardcore Factions :: Change log

Welcome to the Hardcore Factions Change Log. We'll see how long this lasts.

Current ideas (not guaranteed to be done):

Copy over change log ideas from MCP Change Log
Make skeletons shoot father
Make HCF Videos
monster protection at the start of hcf
book that lists breakable blocks
nicer chat message for /msg
donation stuff
announcements fix
enable god apples?
giant rewards?
difficulty depending on playtime
PMC Diamond reward program
Harder mobs on HCF
change food to be harder/you can't inhale a fucking watermelon
can't claim over enemy land
make things like fire, drowning, starving more of a threat. (Don't make starving annoying). Maybe reduce food growth amount so it has value but that players are not always needing to eat?

Things Done:


September 8th - Reduced creeper explosion radius
September 8th - Added classic 1.8 PvP & hunger from MCP

Spoiler for Hidden:
September 19th - Updated HCF announcments
September 19th - Added /kit starter command per 24 hours
September 19th - Decreased cost of sethome, home, & increased starting money to $500
September 19th - Decreased the length of nights & days

August 24th - added change log for Forums