Website & Forum :: Change log

Welcome to the Forums change log. Honestly out of all the change logs this one will probably be updated the least.

Current ideas (not guaranteed to be done):

Wright program to sync MCP bans to teamspeak

Integrateserver chat on to home page
List Players online on home page

Build out the player stat system 

Add/Convert/Copy Rush PvP to Zombie survival server

Add Forum encryption

Fix donate page on forums

Things Done:

-=- 2017 -=-
July 23rd - Added feelsbanjo emote

-=- 2016 -=-
September 8th - Re-added HCF & RushPvP sections. Also added Battlefield board.

February 15th - Made/Added Dynamic Staff page

-=- 2015 -=-
December 14th - Re-added mobile site link to footer Only took me a year :/
December 11th - Added edit PHP edit GUI for Vote page (Now silas can edit it and dose not need to ask me zerglin )
October 15th - Fixed Polls CSS and Forum buttons getting cut off.
September 28th - Removed guest posting, not sure why it was on as bots could get through
September 21st - Updated bug reports to mention players to check the changelog for potential solutions/sources for bugs
September 21st - Increase maximum post size from 20,000 characters to 200,000 #thechangelogisabiggirl
September 21st - Gradually have been revamping changlog, vote page, and donate page
September 20th - Fixed CSS when not logged in and apparently when when logged in a forum post is locked. INB4 another bigger bug was made because of it.
September 16th - added new change log pages for MCP, HCF and the forums

August 24th - added change log for Forums