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About each CDGS Server

Ever wonder what everything does and is there for
Here is a little run down of each server

  • minecraft community prison

    The last of true classic prison servers, also know as "Convicted" or "Don't drop the soap". MCP is the main bread and butter of CDGS, it pays the bills and is where most players are

  • Hardcore Factions

    Minecraft has become too easy, HCF aimed to fix that problem and with a small twist on classic factions servers

  • Rush PvP

    Is a deathmatch PvP server with a variety of custom classes, weapons, items and abilities

  • Zeedin Happy Fun time / test server

    The servers used for building and testing new things for the network, only permitted players are allowed on these two servers.

  • Teamspeak

    The main place where players and staff hang out and talk. One of the best places to get help from other players and staff

  • Forums and website

    Primary place for informing the players of new things and a way for players to voice their opinions and problems, and used to give the players useful tools like the live map, changelog, network ban list and staff pages

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